Decoy Central Official Field Partner Program

Decoy Central Official Field Partner Program

Announcing the Decoy Central Official Field Partner Program

I have an exciting announcement today.  Decoy Central is announcing the creation of our Official Field Partner Program and announcing our first two Official Field Partners.  A lot of companies in the hunting world have “Pro Staff” that represent their products and are advocates for the company.  Pro Staff are an important part of the marketing programs for these companies.  However, Pro Staff kind of implies a one way relationship.  At Decoy Central we want to create partnerships that are designed to help everyone involved succeed.  Of course we want Decoy Central to benefit from the relationship, but we also want our partners to benefit and grow from their involvement with us.

Our Field Partners are duck hunters and waterfowl enthusiasts that are building successful businesses of their own.  As you will see, they run guiding services, have large followings on social media and above all love duck and goose hunting.  We want to promote and celebrate what our Field Partners are doing as much as they are talking about us and our products.

As we are planning out our calendar for next year we want to attend as many events as we can.  We had a great time at the Delta Waterfowl Expo in Little Rock this last summer and we want to do more events like that next year.  We will work with our Field Partners to participate in those events with us so you have the opportunity to meet and interact with them in person.

So without further adieu, let me introduce our first two Official Field Partners.

Bryce Kenzel is a life long waterfowler, making his first trips out hunting when he was 6 years old.  These days he lives and hunts in southern Arkansas, as well as lots of other places throughout the south.  For the last two years Bryce has been growing a waterfowl guiding business and will be working on guiding hunters on amazing duck and goose hunts full time this fall and winter.  We are excited to partner with Bryce and be a part of his growing guiding service.  You can find Bryce on Facebook at … and Instagram at ….

Austin Kilgore is a YouTube and Instagram personality that posts under the handle of Adventures with AK.  He loves all things outdoors but especially loves waterfowling.  Austin has been building up his YouTube channel for a couple years now and has a great library of video that you should go check out.  He also does great product reviews on a range of waterfowling products.  Austin lives in central Illinois and hunts there as well as all over.

I’m very excited about the Field Partner program and am stoked to be partnering with Bryce and Austin.  We plan to hunt with both of them this year and hopefully bring you some video and pictures of those hunts.

Bryce Kenzel

Decoy Central Official Field Partner Bryce Kenzel

Austin Kilgore

Decoy Central Official Field Partner Austin Kilgore


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