New Products for 2023

New Products for 2023

Decoy Central introduces new products for 2023

Decoy Central came on the waterfowling scene in 2022 with the introduction of the Super Blocks line of decoys.  “We want to fundamentally change the decoy buying experience for duck hunters.” said Wade Sikkink, founder of Decoy Central.  “Decoys and waterfowling equipment have simply become too expensive and we set out to give hunters great decoys at prices they can actually afford.”

In 2022, Decoy Central launched the Super Blocks line of decoys that covered the basics.  Hunters could get packs of a dozen mallards, a dozen greenwing teal, four Canada geese or a mallard spinning wing decoy.  These decoys were not only great quality, but were priced to let a hunter get a dozen decoys for less than six decoys from most other companies.

“Our prices were so low that we would get hunters contacting us asking if this was some kind of a scam.” said Sikkink.  “We assured them that our prices are real and you will be impressed with the quality of these decoys.”

Decoy Central is expanding the product line in 2023.  Sikkink explained, “We have heard from duck hunters loud and clear that they want more species and more options in the Super Blocks line. We are doing that in a big way for the coming season.”

Field decoys are a focus for the product expansion.  Decoy Central will have the following products available by mid-summer 2023.

Super Blocks Mallard Full Body DecoysFull Body Mallards.  Super Blocks Full Body Mallards are perfect for bulking up your field spread or for new hunters getting started.  These decoys come in a 6 pack of over-sized mallards.  4 drakes and 2 hens with 3 feeders and 3 upright heads per pack.  Set up is easy with an elastic foot strap holding the decoy to the heavy-duty ring base.  These ring bases have a full bar across the ring to make them sturdy and stable.  Best of all, these six packs of fully body mallards are just $84.99!

Full Body Canada Geese.  Super Blocks Full Body Canada Geese are the best value in field decoys.  These decoys come in a 6 pack with 4 feeders, oSuper Blocks Canada Goose Full Body Decoyne rester and one alert head.  The heads are flocked for extra realism and are removable for easy storage.  These decoys have an elastic foot strap that holds them to the heavy-duty ring base.  The ring bases have a full bar across the ring to make them sturdy and stable.  For any hunter looking to add more decoys to their field spread or looking to get started field hunting geese, Super Blocks are a great choice.  These six packs of flocked head full body Canada geese are available at the amazing price of just $109.99!

Super Blocks Pintail FloaterPintail floaters.  Decoy Central hasn’t forgotten about floaters.  We are adding Pintails to our extremely popular line of mallards and greenwing teal.  These pintails look great and will add some extra variety and POP to any puddle duck spread.  These decoys come in a 12 pack with six drakes and six hens.  Super Blocks Pintails carry on the Super Blocks promise of being tough, affordable decoys for every hunter.  The best part is these 12 packs of pintail floaters are only $69.99!

Snow Goose floaters.  Snow goose spreads are different than any other decoy spread.  The size and scale of a spread needed to attract snow geese caSuper Blocks Snow Goose Floatern be intimidating to any hunter looking to chase snows in the spring.  Decoy Central designed the Super Blocks Snow Goose floaters to fit any hunter’s budget. These floaters are bigger than typical floaters and have great visibility.  Ducks and geese will be able to clearly see these decoys from a long way off.  Despite the affordable price, these decoys have the toughness hunters have come to expect from Super Blocks.  Adding floaters to your snow goose spread has never been easier.  A four pack of Super Blocks Snow Goose floaters is just $54.99!

Decoy Central isn’t stopping there.  We are excited to announce our new line of windsock decoys, Super Socks!  Just like hunters have come to expect great quality at an unbelievable price with Super Blocks, Super Socks were designed to be an amazing decoy at an amazing price.  The initial launch of Super Socks will have Snow Goose, Blue Goose and Canada Goose options with and without heads.  These decoys are made of a super durable Tyvex material with an easy to use snap up spine that holds the decoy up when the wind isn’t blowing.  Pulling the shock corded spine allows it to be folded down for easy storage.  Super Socks are on 24” fiberglass stakes with alert and feeder head options.  Super Socks will be available from Decoy Central in Summer 2023.

Super Socks Snow Goose with Head

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