New Products for 2024

New Products for 2024

Decoy Central continues growing with new products for 2024

Decoy Central has been changing the game in waterfowl decoys for the last two seasons and is setting up to do it again in 2024.  “Duck hunters showed us last season that they want affordable options for decoys and waterfowl gear.” said Wade Sikkink, founder of Decoy Central.  “We want to thank all our customers for the incredible growth we had in 2023.  We had so much demand for our Super Blocks decoys that unfortunately we sold out of a lot of them.”

For the coming 2024 hunting season Decoy Central will be adding new decoys and significantly increasing the stock of the Super Blocks line.  “This spring we are moving to a new warehouse that is three times bigger than our current warehouse so we can stock more decoys across all our product lines.” said Sikkink.

Bluewing Teal.  The new decoy that is generating the most excitement is Bluewing teal.  The Super Blocks Greenwing teal is one of the hottest selling decoys and duck hunters have been asking for a Bluewing version.  This year we are bringing it into the lineup and significantly increasing our stock of both teal decoys.

Bluebills. Decoy Central is also making it’s first move into divers with the addition of Bluebills.  “Divers are one of the decoys we get asked about the most, so we are starting with a staple in Bluebills.” Sikkink explained.  “The Super Blocks Bluebill 12 pack is going to have an amazing price and give any duck hunter the ability to add these decoys to their spread.”

Flocked head mallards. One of the most popular decoy types on the market are flocked head mallards.  The current Super Blocks mallards are very popular with duck hunters, so we are going to add a flocked head option, but with an added bonus.  The 12 pack of flocked head Super Blocks mallards will not only have a crazy good price, but it will come with 8 drakes and 4 hens.  That’s more pop for your spread!

“We are extremely grateful for all the duck hunters that have trusted us over the last couple years to provide them quality decoys at amazing prices.” Sikkink said.  “We are going to keep working hard to make duck hunting affordable for every hunter.”

At Decoy Central our mission is to make waterfowl hunting affordable.  We want everyone to Spend less, hunt more.

These new decoys will be in stock, along with the many other popular Super Blocks decoys by mid summer.

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