Welcome to Decoy Central

Welcome to Decoy Central

Hi, I’m Wade Sikkink.  I’m the founder of Decoy Central.  In this post I'm going to tell you a little bit about Decoy Central, why we started the store and our line of decoys called Super Blocks.

I’ve been hunting waterfoBlind at dawnwl my whole life.  When I was 6 years old I made my first trip to the marsh with my Dad in the pot hole country of North Dakota.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

When I moved away to college, I didn’t have access to my Dad’s duck hunting gear.  All I had was my tried and true 870, a mesh bag of hand me down dekes and I splurged and bought myself a brand new pair of Cabela’s neoprene waders.  My gear was pretty basic, but man did we kill a lot of ducks during those years.

As I got older and had more money I, of course, up graded my gear.  Newer, more realistic, flocked and motion decoys became the norm.  I really love those high end decoys.

However, a few years ago, as I was selling one duck hunting boat to buy a different duck hunting boat, I started thinking about how expensive waterfowling gear has become.  I thought back to my college years and how my hunting buddies and I managed to bag a lot of birds with pretty basic gear.  I thought there might be a need for good quality decoys at a really affordable price.  That idea became Super Blocks.

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Super Blocks are tough, affordable decoys for every hunter.  They are designed to be a good option for guys that are just starting out and don’t have a big budget, or any duck hunter that wants to bulk up their spread at an affordable price.  One of the best things to do with Super Blocks is mix them in with your super realistic decoys to add size and variety to your spread.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of decoys.  I have a shed full of every kind of decoy you can imagine, just ask my wife.  That’s why we started Decoy Central.  We are here to provide a wide range of decoys and waterfowling accessories to duck hunting nuts, like us.

In addition to Super Blocks you will find decoys from a lot of other manufacturers including Flambeau, Mayhem, Dakota and others.  We are working on adding new products to the store all the time.

If you are looking for great decoys at great prices, please check us out at decoycentral.com.



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