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Real Geese

Shadow Series Silo Decoy Tote Bag

Shadow Series Silo Decoy Tote Bag

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Shadow Series Silo Tote Bag

A great way to carry your Shadow Series Decoys to the field without having to use a plastic tote.  The Real-Geese team spent over a year developing and changing the way these bags work. This bag comes to you able to carry up to 6 dozen of our shadow series decoys comfortably over your shoulder.  The over the shoulder nylon strap has a nice, embroidered cushion for easy carrying.  We have increased the padding and structure around the bag to help it stand on its own without any assistance to help loading and unloading in the fields.   We also put magnet clips instead of buckle clips to help in the frigid temps with gloves and durability.  The bags completely fold flat for easy storage in the fields and in the garage.  This bag is the next step in making carrying your decoys to the field safer, easier, and more economic.

Hold 5-6 dozen decoys

Gray color

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