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Mayhem Decoys

Specklebelly Life Size Full Body - 12 pack

Specklebelly Life Size Full Body - 12 pack

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Specklebelly Life Size Full Body - 12 pack

Ultra light weight EVA plastic make these decoys easy to carry.

From Mayhem Decoys our speck goose decoy is constructed of  a special EVA blended plastic making for a lightweight, collapsible decoy.  Detailed carvings with hand applied, multi layer paint scheme make these ultra-realistic.

Rester is 20 inch long body from chest to tail and 9 inches wide across the back (21 inches overall) and the feeder is 23 inches overall.  These are full life size decoys so they have great visibility.

Each box contains 12 decoys.  4 Resters and 8 Feeders.  23: fiberglass stakes with Stayput top inserts into mounting hole in the top of the decoy.  Every decoy has a plastic molded ring built into the tail, to add on carry loops for easy carry and decoy transport to the field.

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