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Big River Stuttgart Megaphone Duck Call

Big River Stuttgart Megaphone Duck Call

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Hard-hitting, max-volume big water or open-field call.

A pedigree double-reed J-frame built to hail with the highest of highballs. The refined, contemporary profile of the barrel and keg shot in polycarbonate creates an ergonomically sleek powerhouse for roaring hail strings, commanding comebacks, and agile stutter quacks. A competition-worthy call for the big water and open field stages when winning over wads of greenheads is the ultimate trophy.

    • Double-reed
    • Hard-hitting, max-volume call for roaring hail strings and commanding comebacks
    • Agile, tone-controllable quacks
    • Mossy Oak™ Shadow Grass Blades camo finish
    • Proudly hand-tuned and made in the U.S.A.

Big River® calls hail from a rich waterfowl heritage of custom Mississippi Alluvial Valley craftsmanship. Specializing in hand-tuned premium calls, the Big River line features classic and contemporary designs tailored in the tradition of characteristic quality and constitution.

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