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Duck Hunter Starter Pack

Duck Hunter Starter Pack

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BG Mallard Magic Duck Call (Color)

Duck Hunter Starter Pack

Are you new to duck hunting and need to get your setup started? Decoy Central has you covered!  The Duck Hunter Starter Pack has everything you need to get out in the marsh hunting ducks.

You get:

  • 1 dozen pre-rigged Super Blocks Mallard decoys
  • 1 Super Blocks Mallard feeder butt
  • Mesh decoy bag
  • BG Mallard Magic Duck Call
  • FREE Call lanyard
  • FREE Decoy Central Bottomland Trucker Hat

This pack is worth over $130 and you can get it for $99.99!  It's never been easier to get what you need to get started in duck hunting.  This pack is also a great way to add to an existing spread.

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