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GHG Finisher Rippler Motion Decoy

GHG Finisher Rippler Motion Decoy

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GHG Finisher Rippler Motion Decoy

True-to-Life Action: Get the attention of approaching waterfowl with the lifelike feeding and ripple motion, perfectly imitating the behavior of mallards in their natural habitat.  Adds great motion to your spread even on still days.

Realistic Design: This decoy has ultra-realistic detailing, the GHG Pro-Grade butt up decoy body is top of the line and will add realism to your spread.

Built Tough: Designed for the long haul, this motion decoy promises consistent performance, running for up to 6 hours on just 4AA batteries (not included).

Optimized Spread Configuration: Create the ultimate dynamic and convincing spread by integrating one rippler for every dozen decoys.

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