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GHG Finisher Spitter Motion Decoy

GHG Finisher Spitter Motion Decoy

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GHG Finisher Spitter Motion Decoy

Super Realism: This decoy has the natural feeding motion of ducks, capturing their attention and drawing them in.

Pro-Grade Excellence: Drawing from the high end GHG Pro-Grade series, the butt-up decoy body boasts ultra-realistic detailing.

Ready for all day hunts: Equipped with an internal lithium-ion battery, the decoy promises a LONG 7-hour run time. Includes charger

Tough and Durable: The foam-filled construction offers an enhanced level of durability, ensuring the decoy withstands the toughest hunting conditions

Take your decoy spread up a notch with the amazing surface feeding motion of the GHG Finisher Spitter.

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