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Real Geese

Pro Series II Blue Goose Silos

Pro Series II Blue Goose Silos

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High performance silos from Real Geese.

Successfully hunting Snow and Blue geese calls for extreme measures. So when Blue goose hunters asked for Blue Goose decoys that would rival our Pro Series II Canada decoys we answered with the “Xtreme Definition” Pro Series II Blue goose decoys!

The benefits of using, transporting, and setting up silhouette decoys becomes even more evident when huge decoy spreads are required to bring in those wary birds into gunning range.

Produced with an entirely new printing process, we stuck with our time tested ingredients; the same decoy material and our patented, no-shine, Pro Series material on both sides of the decoy. We also use our color matched wooden stakes.

For extreme visibility, they are sized slightly larger than any of our other decoys, making them approximately 25% larger than a mature Blue goose.

Packaged per dozen, with six unique postures.

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