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Storm Front 2 Mallard Floater - 6 pack

Storm Front 2 Mallard Floater - 6 pack

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Storm Front 2 Mallard Floater - 6 pack

The perfect Mallard decoy at an amazing price.

Includes: (2) Active Drakes, (1) Semi-resting Drake, (3) Semi-resting Hens

  • Patented UVision paint technology
  • High-definition winter plumage paint scheme
  • Full size (14")
  • Innovative keel design features (4) tie-off points for versatile motion in all conditions

UVision Technology

Undetectable to the human eye, waterfowl feathers naturally reflect UV light to produce a living signature that inflight ducks and geese use to evaluate the authentic "safety" of a potential landing zone. Flambeau's patented UV paint replicates this ultra-violet reflection of live waterfowl plumage to use avian biology in the hunter's favor. Exclusive to Flambeau decoys, nothing outperforms the science of UVision technology to decoy more birds season after season, hunt after hunt. Let science seal the deal.

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