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Super Blocks

Super Blocks Full Body Mallards - 6 pack

Super Blocks Full Body Mallards - 6 pack

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Super Blocks Full Body Mallards

Bigger spread, smaller price

Super Blocks Full Body Mallards are perfect for bulking up your field spread or for new hunters getting started.  These decoys come in a 6 pack of over-sized mallards.  4 drakes and 2 hens with 3 feeders and 3 upright heads per pack.  Set up is easy with an elastic foot strap holding the decoy to the heavy-duty ring base.  These ring bases have a full bar across the ring to make them sturdy and stable. Oversized decoy bodies make these stand out and get the ducks attention.


  • Oversized decoys for great visibility
  • High contrast paint for maximum realism
  • 4 drakes and 2 hens, 3 feeders, 3 upright
  • Sturdy ring bases with elastic legs
  • Super affordable 6 pack to build your field spread

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