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Super Blocks

Super Blocks Mallard Spinner

Super Blocks Mallard Spinner

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Super Blocks Mallard Spinner

An affordable spinner to add motion to your spread

This spinner is the real deal!  You get a full size mallard spinner with a huge 32" wingspan AND remote for a great, low price.  Add the Super Blocks Mallard Spinner to any decoy spread to bring it to life with motion that ducks can see from far away.  The white underside of the wing provides the flash that attracts ducks from far away.


  • High contrast paint for great visibility
  • Huge 32" wingspan
  • Remote start and stop
  • 2 position switch for continuous on or remote operation
  • 3 segment pole with foot peg for securing in hard bottoms
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Includes battery and charger
  • Removable feet

The Super Blocks Mallard Spinner is a great option for beginning hunters that are just starting to build their spread, or any hunter looking to add motion at an affordable price.

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