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Super Blocks

Super Blocks Mallard Floaters - 12 pack

Super Blocks Mallard Floaters - 12 pack

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Super Blocks Mallard Floaters - 12 pack

Super Blocks were designed to be the most affordable decoy on the market today.  You can add size and depth to your decoy spread without breaking the bank.  A 12 pack of Super Blocks Mallards costs less than most mallard 6 packs!  And the quality on these decoys is as a good as you will find on any decoy.


  • High contrast paint for great visibility
  • Realistic detail
  • Weighted keel
  • Multiple head positions
  • 1 dozen for less than most 6 packs
  • 12 decoys, 6 drakes, 6 hens

Use Super Blocks to bulk up your spread by mixing in with your more expensive, ultra-realistic decoys adding size and depth.  Super Blocks are also a great option for beginning hunters that are just starting to build their spread.

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